Manual Calculate Ideal Body Weight

Calculating your idea body weight can be done in several ways. The most accepted way to calculate idea body weight is to use the BMI or body mass index scale. This is also sometimes called the body mass indicator.

1. The first step to calculate idea body weight is to determine your height and weight in inches and pounds.

2. Multiply your height x 2. Record the answer.

3. Divide your body weight by the answer you calculated in step 2.

4. Multiply the answer from step three by 703. The result is your BMI. Now that you know your BMI you can calculate ideal body weight for yourself.

5. A healthy BMI is considered to be from 19 to 25. 18 and under is considered underweight. From 25 to 29 is considered overweight. 30 and over is considered obese. Look at your BMI and determine where yours falls.

source: ehow


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