The Acai Berry Diet

It might taste like chocolate and red wine, but this berry is really a superfood that can help you live your life with increased energy and vitality.

Ever since being introduced to the world on Oprah by renowned doctor Dr Nicholas Perricone, the Acai berry has been taking the world by storm.

I use the Acai berry as a supplement to my usual balanced diet. I find that it lifts me up in the mornings, increases my metabolism and helps me lose weight the healthy way.

Acai Berry Diets : Basics


Grown in the South America, this nutrient powerhouse is improving many lives with it's super power effects. It has proven to be a helpful tool in losing weight, increasing muscle mass, and significantly improving energy levels.

Acai contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any food on the planet. It is high in fiber, protein, amino acids and vitamins. Preliminary studies at The University of Florida have shown the powerful antioxidants in Acai can actually destroy cancer cells.

It is now becoming popular among athletes as performance enhancement tool. It increases energy and stamina and it has high anti inflammatory properties helping them recover quickly.

The Acai Berry contains Omega Fatty Acids which is responsible for boosting metabolism. It's high fiber content is also an appetite suppressant. With the extra boost of energy you can work out longer burning extra calories.


Acai berries spoils very quickly so unless you live in South America it is only available frozen, dried, capsules and juice. The most common form is concentrated in juice.

Simply find a way to add Acai berries, in the form of the supplement, juice or berries, to a sensible, balanced diet. The dried or frozen berries can be added to your morning porridge, granola, or yogurt. The juice can be mixed in with any other fruit juice or your morning shake.

So where can you buy Acai? It is available in most good health and gourmet stores, and through online stores.

Acai Berry Diet : Pros

  • The Acai berry offers more than just weight loss. It is also detoxifying, improves digestion and circulation.
  • It's bulldozing effect on free radicals will prevent wrinkles and keep you glowing with youth.
  • The are no reported side effects
Acai Berry Diet : Cons
  • Products with Acai Berry are quite expensive but are worth it.
  • There are many fake products out there on the internet claiming to be Acai berry when in fact they contain little Acai berry or none at all. It's better to buy products from the store to avoid any scams.
  • Avoid heat-processed Acai berry products and stick with reputable brands
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