SNSD "Beautiful Feet" Tips

So far, Girls' Generation is known as a girlband who was nicknamed "the killer legs" because the personnel have the sexy legs. Recently they were featured as a guest star in SBS, "Diet Survival".

In this event, Girls' Generation is represented by Seohyun, Kwon Soo Young and Yuri share beauty tips, namely how to get your feet smooth, toned and beautiful.

Seohyun, Soo Young and Yuri which look beautiful by wearing boots was then put into practice some of the movements which they routinely do every day. The three compact moving their legs while giving instructions to the audience. The movement was not too difficult and easy to do anytime.

Routines like these that made ​​Girls' Generation to get shapely legs and tight as we have seen in their music videos such as "Gee", "Genie", "Hoot", "The Boys" and others. Many netters who praised the efforts of Girls' Generation's.

"This movement is easy to do exercise at home," commented a netter. "SNSD worked hard to tighten the leg."

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