Model Detox Diet

The city living, travel and irregular routine of a modeling career can make it hard to stick to a diet. Sometimes a model's body feels overloaded with toxins from fast food, alcohol, caffeine and air pollution. The Model Detox Diet will cleanse those toxins and restore your energy and vitality.

This is an easy cleansing diet that's flexible, convenient and just makes sense. It's rich in vital nutrients and vitamins to keep your body well nourished and maintain stable energy levels.

By eliminating animal products and processed foods, this diet helps your body to clean itself and purge toxins. It's also great for reducing cellulite and clearing up skin.

Depending on how you feel, there can be differences in health and appearance within 3 days. I normally do a week, but you can continue for up to 10 days.

Foods to Eat

Use organic fruits and vegetables as they have less pollutants and chemicals. Organic food also has a higher nutritional content than non-organic commercialized produce.

Basically your diet should mostly consist of juiced, raw, frozen, or lightly steamed fruits and veggies. Corn should be avoided, white potatoes can be eaten only in moderation. Eating a variation each day will ensure you are getting enough vitamins and keep this diet as interesting as possible.

Foods to Avoid

Here is a brief list of foods to avoid while on this plan. To get the full detoxifying effects, stick to the diet and be sure that you don't cheat!

Dairy and animal products
Bread, pasta, grains, cereal
Pickled vegetables or canned fruit
Alcohol and cigarettes
Coffee and tea (except green and herbal)

Meal Plans


Variations of fruit or fruit puree are great for breakfast. They are nutritious, filling and the natural sugars will give you energy to get through the morning.

To make a fruit puree, cut up your fruit and place in a pot on the stove with a small amount of water. Cover and leave it on a low heat until the fruit is soft. Now just throw it in the blender and add a squeeze of fresh lemon to taste. I also like to add a little cinnamon.

My favorite blends contain apples, plums, nectarines, pears and berries, but really anything goes. You can also mix it up a bit by using your blender to achieve different consistencies.

Lunch & Dinner

For your main two meals its important to keep calories low but nutrition high. A vegetable puree soup is the answer. This will give you energy to get through the day and all the nutrients you need.

Cut up your vegetables, add approximately one cup of vegetable stock, and cover on a low heat until the vegetables are soft. Now throw it in the blender and spice it up with a raw clove of garlic or jalapeƱo pepper (only a little as it's very spicy!). I also like to add cilantro and a little olive oil.

I like to experiment with different vegetables for this soup. Great ideas are spinach and broccoli, collard greens, zucchini, onion, carrots and sweet potatoes. Beans also make a great addition. I like to use chickpeas but be sure they are organic.

Desserts & Snacks

This diet can sometimes leave you feeling hungry (it wouldn't be a diet if it didn't!), so its important to have some filling snacks around for when you need a boost.

Fruit smoothies are a great options for dessert or a snack between meals. You need to buy packs of frozen organic fruits from your supermarket. These lock all the goodness into the fruit and are very convenient. I actually find that frozen bananas taste much better in a smoothie than fresh ones so I peel ripe bananas and put them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.

Just add ice and a little water, then blend away! I like blends of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and banana. Its really up to you to find a few combinations that you love. Be creative!


Freshly squeezed juices are very detoxifying and a great way to get some condensed nutrition into your body. Fresh juice is also packed full of enzymes which are fundamental in maintaining good health and preventing disease.

Some ideas for recipes - try playing around with thesesuper-healthy ingredients. Cucumbers, apples, carrot, ginger, garlic, beet and broccoli.

Don't forget to drink Green Tea. This is so effective as a diet aid because it increases your metabolism and reduces your appetite. It has also been used for more than 4000 years in Chinese medicine, to cure ailments ranging from headaches to depression.

Model Detox Diet: Pros

  • This diet is easy. You can prepare a lot of the ingredients in advance and cooking time is very little.
  • The emphasis on vegetables and fruit means that this is a very cheap diet.
  • The Model Detox provides good nutritional content.
  • The diet is low calorie and low carb. The carbohydrates from the fruit purees are mostly consumed at breakfast, just when you need them to give you energy for the day.

Model Detox Diet: Cons

  • This is a diet that will sometimes leave you hungry. Try to stick to it for a week.
  • Occasionally the emphasis on pureed foods and soups will leave you desperate for a burger and fries! Stay strong and focus on your end date for completing the diet.
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