Real Model Diet & Beauty Tips: Annie

Annie's Diet Tips

diet tips

Have you ever read the book 'French Women Don't Get Fat'? As a French Canadian, Annie subscribes to the same theory, that eating in moderation is the best way to lose weight and live a great life.

She doesn't restrict her diet to certain food groups, and she even has a glass of red wine when she feels like it, with all its benefits for the heart. An occasional piece of dark chocolate also has great antioxidant qualities.

Annie's daily diet starts with a full breakfast comprised of fruit, soy milk and nuts. This gives her energy for the day and prevents her from needing to snack before lunch.

Annie avoids caffeinated beverages such as coffee to keep her long legs cellulite-free. Excess caffeine contributes to a build-up of chemicals and toxins and can cause cellulite to build up under the skin.

Lunch is usually something healthy and filling like a fish dish, pasta or sandwich. Dinner is then lighter, for example a salad or soup, with definitely no carbs at night!

If Annie needs to snack between meals, or has a long modeling shoot without a lunch break, she snacks on nuts.

In addition to eating light, Annie keeps in shape for her swimwear shoots by doing Yoga three times a week. This tones her body, stimulates her mind and improves her posture.

Annie's Beauty Tips

Annie keeps her skin beautifully smooth with a great, home-grown beauty tip. She adds a small amount of baking soda to her daily facial wash, turning it into a refreshing, light facial scrub that gently removes dead cells.

For Annie's modeling career, she needs to take care of her hands and nails. To ensure that her cuticles stay in great shape, she gives herself manicures with sea salt and olive oil. Just mix together and rub gently into your cuticles!

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