Real Model Diet & Beauty Tips: Nyree

Nyree's Diet Tips

diet and beauty tips

At the start of her modeling career, Nyree lost 20lbs by cutting out chocolate, chips and high calorie fast food.

She avoided temptation by keeping low fat snacks around the house instead.

Nyree drinks Perrier with a splash of fruitjuice to keep the calories down, while providing a refreshing hydrating drink.

Her favorite snacks? Sweet potatoes, grilled in the oven and dipped in ketchup. Looking for other ideas? How about low fat popcorn, edamame, pickles or low fat frozen yoghurt.

Nyree likes to vary her workout to avoid routine and boredom. Her favourite exercises are swimming and hiking. She always has a coffee before any kind of workout. Consuming a caffeinated drink within an hour of exercise keeps her going longer and encourages muscles to burn fat.

Nyree's Beauty Tips

Nyree needs to take good care of her hair to combat frizziness and split ends. She takes a heavy night cream, by Estee Lauder or any other cosmetic company, and rubs it into the ends of her hair. The cream's moisturizing action is comparable to any expensive hair cream.

Nyree's Recipes

Skin-Restoring Delicious Guacamole

Guacamole - nutritious and good for your skin


2 avocados
1 tomato
Half an onion
1 clove garlic, grated
lemon/lime juice, fresh
cilantro (coriander)

This is a quick and easy 10-minute recipe that will impress houseguests and is all-natural and healthy for your skin. Just chop and mash up all the ingredients in a bowl, then throw a couple of sprigs of cilantro on top for presentation.

Strawberry & Mint Salad

Strawberry and mint salad

10 Strawberries
2 Cherry Tomatoes
2 Peaches
Chopped Mint
Dash of Olive Oil
Dash of Balsamic Vinegar
Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper

Another easy recipe - just chop up the fruit and tomato, add the mint and drizzle a little Balsamic and olive oil. Serves 2, and its only 180 calories each!

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