Weight Loss Plans For Teens

Weight loss plans for teens can be a crucial in these modern times. There is nothing more difficult for parents than when their kids are in pain. When it comes to the emotional cost of the ridicule an overweight teen endures, it’s very painful for both the teenager and their parents.

Let’s face it, we all want to help our children succeed succeed in life. When it comes to their weight, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Help your teenager understand that weight loss won’t occur overnight. Just as it took time to gain weight it will take time to lose weight. Ensure that your teenager doesn’t expect the process to happen quickly. Let them know that losing weight isn’t difficult but permanently changing bad habits so that the weight never returns can take a while.
  2. Don’t let your teenager focus on short term results. You can ‘protect’ them from unrealistic expectations by encouraging them to focus developing healthy eating and exercise habits rather than setting deadlines for weight loss. For example, if they act like they are only losing weight to be ready for the prom, encourage them to think of more long term effects. You don’t want them getting on the diet roller coaster after all.
  3. Teach them by example, get some exercise with them. Join a gym and workout together if they don’t mind being seen with you. It is a great opportunity for parent/child bonding, without all the mush, and can help stop them feeling overwhelmed by what they need to do to lose weight.
  4. Teach your teenager healthy eating habits, i.e. natural foods are good, processed foods are bad! As always, it’s best to lead by example, eat the types of food they should be eating, lots of fruit, vegetables, red meat that has been trimmed of fat, chicken, fish, wholegrain products, low fat dairy products etc. They need to learn what to eat, how often to eat, and healthy portion sizes.
  5. Don’t forget to teach them what to drink, or not drink. Many kids will drink a lot of soda and energy drinks. These are loaded with sugar (up to 160 calories per soda can… 640 calories a day if they drink four cans per day) and aren’t a healthy option for anyone, particularly if they want to lose weight. Encourage your teenager to drink lots of water, 8 glasses of water per day is the recommendation. Perhaps they could alternate water with their other drinks. And if they must drink soda then encourage them to drink diet soda. If they don’t like the taste of water have them add some lemon or some low calorie flavoring.
  6. If your teenager is open to it, and you have the money, take them out for a new hair cut, some new clothes, etc. This can work wonders for their self image which may make them more committed to the weight loss and exercise changes they require.

Encourage your teen in their efforts. It’s easy to become discouraged when you’re overweight and may not be losing the weight as fast as you wanted. The important thing is that you keep your teenager positive and motivated and consult your family doctor to find the best weight loss plans for teens.

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