The 8 Best Positive Thinking Techniques

Positive thinking techniques for a life full of joy and success…

It is a proven fact that positive thinking is an incredible tool when it comes to moving toward a desired goal. However, this tool has to be maintained and used if it is to remain effective and allowed to develop. Most of us cannot just be positive; we have to work at it. Becoming a positive thinker takes time, effort, dedication, and a little know how.

The following positive thinking techniques will have you surging toward success in no time:


Positive Thinking Techniques: #1 – Write It Down

The best place to start when you decide to transform your thought patterns is to write down the good things that you know already exist in your life. A great family, a good job, your home, your car, a degree; anything you have or are a part of that makes you happy and fills your with joy, write it down. The reason you should write them down is very simple. Most people tend toward being negative, you may be one of those.

Brooding and self-pity seems to just creep up on us after just the slightest negative event. At that time, when we are feeling negative, it is can be extremely difficult to ‘think’ of something positive and pick ourselves up. However, if we have a list of the good positive stuff, all we have to do is to pull it out and start reading. Spending a few amounts focusing calmly on each of those items on the list in turn and feel the positivity return.


Positive Thinking Techniques: #2 – Replacement

In order to make positive thinking a real and natural part of your life, you will probably have to change some habits. Any time a habit is in need of changing, it is best to fill the void with something else. In this case, you will need to fill the void that is left when you stop a negative habit with a positive one.

Consider some of the negative attitudes or thoughts that you have about yourself. Now choose one that you know you need to change or that your really want to change. Then think of positive thoughts and habits that you can replace that one with. Now every time that negative thought rears its ugly head, immediately begin thinking your positive replacement thought. Positive and negative cannot cohabitate in your mind, it is up to you to push the negative out with the positive.


Positive Thinking Techniques #3 – Positive Affirmations

You want to live up to the potential that you just know is lying inside of you and you can! Using positive self-affirmations you can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem to levels you may have never before imagined. It can seem almost magical. You may not notice the slight change taking place each time you repeat to yourself, “I will succeed because I am worthy of success,” or any other affirmation you choose. However, one day you or a loved one or coworker will notice that you walk a little taller, and you exude an air of success. Of course, when using your affirmations, use them religiously.

Make positive affirmations a habit just like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. In fact they would be good times to build this positive thinking techniques into your routine.


Positive Thinking Techniques: #4 – Visualization

You know what you want. You know where you want to be next year, in five years, or in ten years. Then Visualize it! Imagination is a wonderful tool that humans have but few ever utilize it to its full potential. Get a mental picture of where you want to be, what you want to accomplish, or any other change for the better that you are wishing for. See yourself in that place doing what you want to do really feel how it will feel to be doing it.

From now on, when you have a minute, re-call that picture back up into your mind and meditate on it. Each time you imagine your success your energy and determination to work toward that goal will be supercharged providing you with the motivation to take action.


Positive Thinking Techniques: #5 – Use A Vision Board

You can use pictures/photos to reinforce your dreams and goals. Find pictures that reflect the way you envision your end results. How do you think you will feel once those goals have been realized? Find pictures that reflect your feelings, that elation when you meet with success. Also, write out your positive affirmations and include those on your vision board. A vision board can be a poster board or a presentation board or even just a space on your wall. Place the board where you can see it every day and pause in front of it when possible and just let your mind and feelings focus on your desires.


Positive Thinking Techniques: #6 – Circle of Encouragement

Who you hang influences your thoughts and thought patterns probably more than you ever realised. You cannot and probably do not want to change most of your friends and acquaintances however make a point of seeking out like minded people who have already achieved similar goals to you and try and soak up their mental approach and attitude.

You probably also have a few friends that you know you can trust with your dreams and goals. These are friends who will be encouraging. You know the ones who will be there to motivate and encourage you when you begin to slip back into negativity. These are the people you want to spend more time with. Also, telling someone you trust about your goals solidifies it and makes you feel that someone will hold you accountable to reaching those goals.


Positive Thinking Techniques: #7 – Be The Source

Sometimes we get so caught up in our dreams and our goals that we forget that there are people all around us with their own set of dreams and goals. One way to stay in a positive thinking mode is to be the source of the optimism for other people’s benefit. When you see someone doing a great job, tell him or her. Be encouraging to others as they strive toward their goals. Be that friend that they can trust to share their aspirations with and you will find that in return you yourself receive plenty of positive support in return.

This is actually one of THE most remarkable positive thinking techniques and often takes people by surprise when they see how successful it is.


Positive Thinking Techniques: #8 – Celebrate The Small Steps

Even the biggest successes come in small stages. Celebrate every little achievement no matter how small. Even if you celebrate by yourself, celebrate! These small celebrations are extraordinarily motivational. Recognition of being one step closer to your goal gives you the momentum to take that next step and progress even further.


In Conclusion

Implementing these positive thinking techniques will keep you on the right track and move you towards your heart’s desire. You can do it, I believe in YOU!

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