Harnessing The Power Of Positive Thinking Tips

1) Realize that you create your life from the inside out. Remember this saying: “If I do not go within, I go without.” Take time out for yourself each day if possible. Use it to reflect on your life and appreciate the great things that you already have! Plan sensibly your targets for the future. Meditate and clear your mind of all the unnecessary thoughts so that you can focus on what you do want to achieve more clearly. Time spent doing this is not a waste of time that could be spent working or doing something else more profitable. It is in fact an investment. You may well find that you become more productive and have more inspired ideas. Furthermore by looking after your own mental health in this way you are honouring yourself and saying to yourself that yes I am worth looking after, I am special…and you are!

2) Observe your thoughts, see them come into your mind’s eye. If they are negative or destructive thoughts con­sciously drop them. Yes, you can con­sciously choose a better thought, just let it go, refocus on a new one. Neg­ative thinking is a habit that may well have become habitual to you through the influences of society but you can change this habit and relatively quickly if you have the desire to. Simply choose a new thought to focus on and you’ll be surprised how one good thought will more often that not bring rise to another positive thought, in much the same way as the links on a chain.

3) Start to visualize. See yourself in your mind’s eye in the situation or in possession of whatever it is you wish to attain. This helps you focus and stay on course to achieve your goals and seemingly helps things to fall into place for you a bit more easily. Don’t believe this works? Go and pick up a few autobiographies of famous sports people from both current day and yes­teryear and I guarantee that if they talk about how they win they will more often than not talk about visualisation/imagination or something else along the same lines. The body cannot tell the difference between an event formed in your mind and one lived out so by making the brain feel that you have achieved your goals. You are thinking the exact thoughts that will bring that eventu­ality about. Pretty cool stuff hey.

4) Be thankful and don’t worry. Look around you. There are so many won­derful things, not least of which is you! You are an amazing individual regardless of your current situation. Do not worry and know that every­thing you are going through is pre­paring you for your goals to materi­alize. So keep in mind your targets always and don’t let them go and you will get there.

5) Always focus on what you want, not what you don’t want! What you resist persists simply because you are ploughing your own energy and emotion into it which is really only just feeding that situation. Being positive 100% of the time on paying attention only to your next step on the road to success brings about re­sults a great deal quicker. Why not choose to be positive!

source : positivemindwealth


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