The Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig Diet has hit the headlines recently due to Kirstie Alley's dramatic weight loss. Kirstie shed an amazing 75 pounds on the Jenny Craig Diet, all the while updating her blog and sharing each day with her online readers, then appeared on Oprah in just a bikini!

This diet aims to help you lose 1-2 pounds a week, a healthy and sustainable weight loss. It also teaches you sensible dietary habits that will maintain your weight loss in the long term.

So who is Jenny Craig? She is an ordinary American with no formal training or academic degree, born in New Orleans in 1932, who knew that no matter how old you are, its never too late for a change. She took a lifetime of experience and put it all into a sensible diet plan that really works.

Jenny Craig: Basics


One of the largest and most successful weight loss management companies, Jenny Craig has approximately 650 centres located across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and New Zealand. This diet program provides weekly face to face meetings or a phone consultation if you are not located near a centre.

Your Jenny Craig counsellor will design a balanced weight loss plan and encourage you through any weight loss challenges. They will provide assistance with questions related to diet, lifestyle and personalizing an exercise plan. There's also a 24/7 online message board where you can find diet buddies or just exchange thoughts and tips.

This diet program is wonderful for someone who has put healthy living in the backseat and needs some help getting back on track. It encourages you to create a healthy relationship with food - you learn how to make food your ally, not your enemy. Jenny will encourage you to chart your journey by recording thoughts, identifying negative and positive eating patterns, and making strategic changes to ensure the success of your diet.


The Jenny Craig Diet is a reduced calorie plan, relying on a fixed proportion diet (60% carbs, 20% fat, 20% protein) and smaller portion sizes. The relatively high proportion of carbs, relative to other diets, is not a problem as the reduced portion sizes prevent weight gain.

Dieters can choose from several different plans, all with fixed calorie intakes. These range from 1200-1500 calories per day. The diet encourages eating a varied diet, with a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals.

Choose your food once a week from a diverse menu that is full of options even for the pickiest eater. The personalized menu is convenient online - just a few clicks for your choices and voila it arrives at your door within a few days, pre-packaged and ready to heat and eat.

Dieters are encouraged to eat fruits, milk, yogurt, fish, and whole/sprouted/malted wheat. Unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables can be consumed since they are very low in calories. High fat meats should be eaten in moderation. Jenny Craig also has a wide selection of delicious desserts such as crème brulee, chocolate pudding, pumpkin pie and lemon cream pie, all permissible on this diet.

Once you achieve half of your weight loss goal, counsellors progressively wean you off the pre-packaged food and guide you through the transition to shopping and cooking on your own. Weekly meetings ensure that you stay on track and your diet is well balanced

The total cost of this diet is approximately $100 per month. The cost falls when you stop the food deliveries and are nutritionally educated enough to follow the Jenny Craig diet on your own.

Jenny Craig: Pros

  • Convenient, nutritional meals that are pre-made and delivered to your door, with calorific needs tailored to your weight loss goals.
  • A diverse menu of foods that has options for vegetarians and is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.
  • There's no need to give up your favorite foods - just learn how to control your portions.
  • Jenny Craig offers great support for your exercise routine, including motivational DVDs and tools such as weights and resistance cords.
  • Eating the pre-packaged meals educates the dieter on what it takes to lose weight. Once the program ends, it is relatively easy to continue managing your weight.
  • Jenny has a range of great cookbooks with delicious low calorie/fat/cholesterol recipes, including holiday recipes that ensure no weight gain on those special occasions!

Jenny Craig: Cons

  • This diet takes commitment and determination to have success.
  • The first phase of Jenny Craig can be expensive while you are eating the pre-packaged food. However, when you have learned enough about the diet you can make the transition to planning your own menu, shopping and cooking within your budget.
  • Pre-packaged, delivered food may not be ideal for those with frequently scheduled business trips and client dinners.
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