The Raw Food Diet

At 34 supermodel Carol Alt was feeling unhealthy, fatigued, and was having difficulty maintaining her swimsuit-ready figure. She decided it was time to make some dietary changes, so she consulted a holistic doctor and took her diet in a whole new direction.

Now 45, Carol Alt maintains that the raw food diet has really turned back the clock and took her on a path to renewed health and vitality.

Another celebrity adherent, Donna Karan, used the diet to pick herself up after the loss of her husband. She regained her emotional strength with the help of the raw food diet, and lost 20 lbs in the process.

Raw Food Diet: Basics


It makes sense that all the 'Frankenstein food' we eat could be unhealthy, just as eating food in its natural state makes complete sense.

Fresh, uncooked food contains more nutrients than when cooked or processed. Once heated up or chemically altered, food is depleted of its nutritional enzymes and nutritional value.


  • Vegetables
    Raw and frozen vegetables
    Sprouted legumes
  • Fruit
    Raw and frozen fruits
    Dried fruits and seaweeds
    Fresh juices
    Cold pressed oils
  • Herbs
  • Meat
    Steak Tartar or Steak Carpaccio
  • Fish
    Fish tartar
  • Dairy
    Raw eggs
    Unpasteurized milk
  • Nuts & Grains

Raw Food Diet Tips

  • Invest in a decent quality juicer and consume juices within 30 minutes to gain the full benefits.
  • You need a blender to make fruit and veggie smoothies, veggie dips, salad dressings, soups, raw ice cream, nut milks, etc.
  • Why not preserve some of those backyard fruits with a dehydrator?

If you can afford organic produce it is much more beneficial, especially if it is local. Organic food contains fewer toxins and it is up to 40% more nutritionally superior than inorganic produce.

Soaking seeds, nuts, legumes, and grains deactivates enzyme inhibitors and creates digestible enzymes. Cover with water at room temperature for 8-12 hours.

Sprouting seeds, beans, legumes, and grains increases their nutrients and digestible enzymes.

Raw Food Diet: Pros

  • Dieters report losing weight and when deciding to adapt this diet moving forward as a lifestyle desired weight is easily maintained.
  • With the increase of antioxidants, premature aging is slowed down and a more youthful complexion is evident.
  • Increased energy since all nutrient empty food is now replaced by nutrient dense.
  • Recent research has shown eating a diet high in raw foods can help prevent illness and cancer.
  • Improved digestion and other digestive disorders.

Raw Food Diet: Cons

  • You will need to replenish your groceries every 3-4 days since this is all perishable food.
  • Try to be creative - eat a variety to keep this diet interesting.

Liver Detox Drink Recipe

This a delicious, easy drink to make. Add all ingredients into the blender and voila! For a little variety, try it with some cilantro, parsley, mint or any other raw food of your choice.

A handful of spinach
1 apple
1 banana
1 lemon (squeezed)
Half a chili pepper (optional)
1 garlic clove or as much as desired (optional)
1 glass of water

source : modeldietplan


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