Why Must We Be Positive?

Well, all thought is creative and as such a thought repeated often enough tends to come into being through our thoughts, words and deeds. therefore a negative mind-set will almost inevitably pro­duce negative results whereas a posi­tive thinking mind-set can produce a life filled with the things you desire which is what this site is all about helping readers do.

Take a look at the situation in your life now: your health, your finances, your lifestyle, the good and the bad things. All of this you have created. What you are living now is a reflection on your thoughts of the past. Now if what you are looking at doesn’t exactly fit what you would re­ally want then maybe it is time to look deeper and consider your thoughts and how you let them lead you this position.

Thoughts become things. Don’t be­lieve me… stand back for a moment, do you notice any bad situations in your life currently? If the answer is yes, think back a few months. What were your thoughts about this situa­tion at that time? Were they negative thoughts of worry, fear and doubt? If so, then your thoughts directly con­tributed to your negative situation. Re­alizing and diffusing this spiral is the first step in using positive thinking in your life. Thoughts become things.

Thoughts become things is one of the greatest statements you can ever under­stand and come to grips with. Why? Because you can consciously choose your thoughts, so it must follow that you can consciously control what ap­pears in your life. If you follow this you are now on the right track.

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