Weight Loss for Children – A Helpful Guide for Parents

Having a healthy lifestyle is necessary to reduce the risks of health problems caused by poor nutrition. Weight loss for children is something we never want to face but may be necessary in these fast paced times when we come to depend more on quick and easy meals. It is crucial that we teach our children an awareness of the importance of having a controlled diet. However, children are naturally stubborn and less attentive to activities that don’t please their interests, after all, they LIKE those high fat, high sugar snacks, a piece of fruit just doesn’t taste as good! Therefore, finding ways to implement a healthy lifestyle to help them reduce weight may take extra effort.

There are many weight loss for children tips that you may want to implement to make it easy for your kids to grasp the necessity to practice healthy eating habits. Moreover, informing them of the effects of unhealthy eating habits will help them be aware of the health problems that obesity can cause. Motivation is the key factor to avoid forcing them to do things they simply don’t want to do. It is better to help them realize that you are teaching them concepts to ensure future well being (both physical and emotional).

Showing them the benefits of practicing a healthy lifestyle is be the best way to teach them to adapt to weight loss for children if they need to lose weight. Being a good example to your children is the most important way for you to teach them to live a healthy lifestyle. In the dietary sense, this can be achieved by ensuring that family meals are healthy and nutritious. Buy less potato chips, cakes and ready made foods and more fruits and vegetables when you do your grocery shopping. Having foods that are high in fats and sugars in your pantry and refrigerator doesn’t help them control their diet. Therefore, you can start your health awareness on the snacks that you provide for your children. You may want to choose fresh fruits, low-fat products and nuts on your groceries to serve as snacks for your children. If your child is currently overweight you may find that eating these snacks will be enough to help them start losing weight.

You should also implement this concept in your meals Just make sure you have filled their plates with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and reduce the amount of meat. It is especially important to reduce the number of sausages consumed since one sausage contains 75% fat plus about half the recommended daily intake of cholesterol.

Tip: If you have access to Kangaroo meat it is an excellent substitute for beef. Kangaroo meat is higher in protein, zinc and iron than other meats while being much lower in fats. The small amount of fat contained in kangaroo meat is mostly healthy fat. Kangaroo mince is an excellent choice for spaghetti Bolognese or tacos if you are looking for a low fat option.

Other good meats to include are lean skinless chicken breast (make sure to remove the skin prior to cooking as most of the fat is just under the skin) and lean pork (trim the fat off). These ‘white’ meats are also low in iron however. Fish is also an excellent choice because it is low in cholesterol, most of the cholesterol in fish is good cholesterol and it also contains omega 3 fatty acids which seriously help in the control of cholesterol. Even shellfish can be safely eaten, though shellfish like prawns, scallops, lobsters etc are traditionally high in cholesterol the effect is negated by the increased amount of Omega 3 fatty acid.

Lastly, it’s effective to be constructive when approaching weight loss for children. Instead of forcing them to go on a diet, you can introduce healthy meals and explain the health effects of eating the right food. Being positive about choosing fruits and other healthy foods is also much more advisable rather than warning them about harmful effects of eating junk foods. Children are just like us, when we discuss negatives with them they have the attitude that it wouldn’t happen to them.

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