Discover Safe And Easy Weight Loss For Teens

Does your teen come home from college with tear streaked cheeks because of their weight? Do they rush to their bedroom because they do not want to talk about it? Do you cry with them because you understand and feel their pain? It doesn’t have to be that way for either of you. Read on for more information on simple weight loss for teens.

Recent studies show that teenage obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Most studies indicate that not only do body structure, DNA, diets of fast foods and overeating contribute to the weight issues, but the lack of physical activity by today’s adolescents may be a primary cause. A disturbing fact revealed in these studies is that most adolescents have less than thirty minutes of exercise per 24 hour period.

Parent who don’t practice healthy eating and exercise habits are contributing to tennager’s dangerous exercise habits and obesity. A smart way to help yourself and your offspring to create healthy habits, is to find an exercise program you can both take part in. It does not have to be boring repetitive type of exercise, it could be loaded with fun. However, there’s one thing you must do before starting any exercise program.

If you and your teen are both overweight, you should consult with your family doctor to have a physical checkup before committing to any weight loss or exercise program. This checkup can rule out any underlying health problems which may be causing the weight gain. It will also confirm if you’re each healthy enough to take part in an exercise program to lose weight.

Weight loss for teens doesn’t need to be complicated. You can start off with a walking program. To help make it bearable for your adolescent, permit them to take along their I-pod or other music player. But it’s also a great time for you guys to spend quality time together

It’s a good idea to take this slowly and talk with them concerning things that they’re interested in. Don’t use it as a time to preach at them or they will simply block you out and you will kill whatever interest they have started to build in exercise.

Another fun exercise for the entire family cycling. Remember how much fun you had riding a bike as a child? This exercise is one of the best to form a habit for both you and your children. It does not take long before it becomes a nice habit for both of you.

One of the real advantages from bike riding is that the way it will assist you to shed those extra pounds while building muscle at the same time. In time, both you and your teenager will have more shapely legs and a firmer butt. In addition it elevates your heart rate, which will benefit your body with increased oxygen saturation as well as forcing you to consume extra energy.

Another fun exercise to participate in is swimming. Obviously not everyone has the luxury of a private pool, In which case you can attend a local public swimming pool or gym… or get friendly with someone who has a backyard swimming pool.

You need to face the fact that as a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your child’s welfare and overall health. By encouraging them to develop healthy eating and exercise habits now, while they are still young, you are setting them up for life.

Easy weight loss for teens, doesn’t have to be exhausting, nor must it be boring. It simply needs to be done.

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