Top Tips For Weight Loss For Teens

Do you need tips for weight loss for teens? Modern society puts tremendous pressure on teenagers to be thin (even to the point of it being unhealthy). Popular teen television programs all feature thin, attractive characters. Even overbearing parents place unnecessary stress on their teens to lose weight, and worse still, is the peer pressure that teenagers face, peers can be incredibly judgmental of a their weight or any other perceived flaw.

Being the high school “fat kid” is a recipe for long-lasting self-esteem issues. There’s no instant solution to this problem. Weight loss is tough, and the added pressures that come with puberty and the teen years only complicates matters even more. Taking advantage of some of these tips can help make the teenage experience less scary for teens who might be overweight.

One of the most crucial tips, especially for young girls, is to make sure that they understand what a healthy person looks like. Many young women on television are dangerously thin. The media portray this as ideal, but in truth, it’s not a healthy lifestyle. Many adolescent girls develop eating disorders trying to look like women they see on TV, and this is a recipe for disaster. Make sure they understand what is and isn’t a healthy weight. You can check their BMI with them at

Adolescent girls are not the only one who fall victim to eating disorders, it’s a problem for adolescent males too… though perhaps to a lesser extent. It’s common for teenagers to look in the mirror and perceive themselves as ugly and fat, when they’re realy a perfectly healthy young person. If you constantly feel anxious and depressed about your weight or appearance, you should consult a psychologist or school counselor. They can help you improve your self-image and pursue weight loss goals in a healthy way.

Another tip for weight loss for teens is to keep in mind what your body is growing through. During the teen years, your body undergoes tremendous changes that affect your growth. For instance, your body might cycle between bulking up on muscle/fat then switch to a growth spurt in which you gain several inches in height, this makes your weight even out across your frame.

Puberty is a complex time – if you know you’re following healthy diet and exercise habits but aren’t seeing results, you may need to wait until you’ve fully grown into your body.

Regardless of anything else you do, exercise and diet will always be important factors in weight loss. Remember this as you go through school, and think of ways to improve your health. If the school cafeteria only serves greasy, unhealthy foods, discuss with your parents about taking a healthy lunch from home every day. Always participate in gym class, and get involved in extra-curricular sports activities if possible.

One last factor that can be a great asset in weight loss for teens is enlisting the aid of friends and family. In most cases, your family wants to be healthy too, and you can support one another while trying to improve your health. If one of your parents is the primary cook, discuss with them about healthier food options.

And if you want extra exercise you can offer to help your parents with housework or gardening. These things will help you lose weight AND make your parents EXTREMELY pleased with you!

Following these tips for weight loss for teens can make a massive difference for you.

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