Vitamins For Kids - Making Sure Your Childs Nutritional Needs Are Met

As all parents know, getting children to eat the right kinds of foods to meet their nutritional requirements can be a tremendous challenge. It seems like they only ever want to eat junk because they are so fussy about what they will and won’t eat. It’s enough to make you want to tear your hair out in frustration. I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has ever wondered how to give their child a balanced diet when all they want to eat is sausages and mash!

Thankfully, my daughter is now eight years old and is more adventurous, she loves pumpkin (especially roasted), she’ll eat a few peas, loves baby carrots and broccoli (of all things), plus several types of fruit. But she is still very fussy about a lot of other things… her thing at the moment is ‘I don’t like garlic!’ Althought she loves garlic bread… go figure! When she was in pre-school (kindergarten) she wasn’t allowed to take snack bars, cookies or any type of junk food for snack time. It had to be something healthy like fruit. The only option we had with her was cheese because she wouldn’t eat fruit at that time. It was kind of funny, because her teacher actually told us off for always sending her with a couple of cheese wedges… oh well, at least her calcium needs were being met :)

When you have a child that is fussy about what they will eat it can be extremely difficult to make sure that their nutritional requirements are met. At times like this a vitamin supplement is ideal to supply what their diet lacks.

You can buy vitamins for kids from just about anywhere these days, health food stores, supermarkets, pharmacies etc. My daughter has taken a multi vitamin from Herron chewable Vita minis for several years. Vitamins for kids come in several different types including multi vitamin, vitamin C, Omega 3, calcium… even fiber.

They also come in several different formats. From chewable vitamin tablets (like Herron Vita minis) to products like those from Hero Nutritionals who supply ‘gummi’ vitamins for both adults and children. The vitamins for kids are called Yummi Bears. You know, like Gummi Bears only they’re a vitamin? These are ideal for children who don’t like traditional vitamins because it effectively turns vitamin time into treat time… all kids love their candy and that’s exactly what they think Yummi Bears are… only you will know they’re good for them. Hero Nutritionals even supply Yummi SourZ for kids who like sour candy.

So if you have a child who is a fussy eater, providing them with a children nutritional supplement can be a fantastic way to make sure their nutritional requirements are met thus giving YOU peace of mind while you attempt the introduce them to the types of food that will supply those needs

It should be noted that a children nutritional supplement does not remove the need for a balanced diet. It is still extremely important to introduce nutritionally balanced foods in a way that makes your child willing to eat it.

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