Is Face Oil Unhealthy to the Skin?

Face oils have turned out to be one of the skin care secrets celebrities use to keep their skin moist, and these oils are emerging as a required beauty item. However, there are many people who feel uncomfortable applying such an unfamiliar substance on their skin. Let’s look into what’s true and what’s false among a variety of issues regarding face oil products.

Does face oil block skin pores?

There is a theory that face oil blocks the pores, causing skin troubles when it is applied to sensitive skin. However, recently released face oils are mostly made of natural extracts, not mineral oil, and are known for their smooth penetration into the skin without blocking pores.

Does face oil leave the skin feeling greasy?

It is natural to think that oil would leave the skin feeling greasy. However, oil made of vegetable extracts consists of ultra-fine particles that penetrate deep enough so as not to leave any greasy feeling on the skin. By rapidly permeates down into a deeper layer of the skin, it provides richer nutrition and moisture for the skin.

Does face oil work for oily skin?

Those who are troubled with oily skin may feel uncomfortable about adding yet more oil to their skin. However, two or three drops of oil properly massaged into the skin is enough to optimize oil-water balance, which leads to a softer, moister skin than skin that is frequently blotted with oil-blotting paper.

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